See you next year!

Alumapalooza 3 is now history, but we’re already at work on the 2013 event.  Advance registration will open in July.  In the meantime, check out some blogs from people who came to this year’s event.  We’ll post more as they become available.  It was a fantastic event and we’re looking forward to more at Alumafandango in Denver this August!

Alison Travels  (official photographer Alison Turner)

Tales Of The Toaster’s report

Heirs’Dream Travel report

Silver Cabin’s report

Airstream Hobo’s report

Esmeralde’s video

Streamin’ with Joe and Buddy

Silvermine and His



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Rewind: Marty’s talk on tax planning for RV’ers

In 2011 at Alumapalooza, attorney Marty Shenkman gave a really great talk about tax planning for RV’ers who want to run businesses from the road, or who are deciding where to establish residency.  He has since posted an audio podcast of this talk on his website, so you can listen to Marty’s entire talk here. It’s great information that bursts a lot of Internet myths, and an example of the kind of valuable information you can pick up at Alumapalooza!

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Rivet Masters Competition

One of the new features of Alumapalooza 2011 was the fantastic Rivet Masters Competition, where teams of two worked to buck as many rivets as they possibly could into a sheet of aluminum.  This is just how the factory guys do it on Airstreams — only we were a lot slower and not nearly as neat!  Riveting quickly and accurately is a tough job, as our contestants discovered.  If you’d like to see some of the contest on video, check it out below:

Rivet Masters Competition at Alumapalooza 2011

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The Troubs are coming!

Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours

Yes, this year we’ve kicked the entertainment up a notch with Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours!  Antsy will serenade us on Thursday night and the full band will be on stage Saturday night.  You don’t want to miss these great performances.

If you’ve never heard the Troubs before, you’re in for a treat.  Their Airstream-themed music is legendary, including such titles as “It Ain’t Home Till You Take The Wheels Off,” and “Living In Aluminum.”  For a few samples, check  out their YouTube videos.

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Long Long Honeymoon comes to Alumapalooza!

Sean and Kristy Michael were featured speakers at Alumapalooza 2010, and produced this short video while they were on site!

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